cyber security incident response times

The Need for SPEED: How to Improve Your Cyber Security Incident Response Times

Today’s blog is written by our guest author, Bob Carver. He is a CISM, CISSP, and M.S. who specializes in topics about information security, privacy, and cloud security.  If you look at a range of recent security industry reports, you’ll see varying times quoted for how long it takes criminals and bad actors to exploit your… Read More

cyber threat hunting

[White Paper] Cyber Threat Hunting: How to Find Attackers Others Missed

As 2016 draws to a close, we predict that the term hunt will continue to be a talking point throughout the cyber security community in 2017. As we pointed out in a previous blog, Threat Hunting: More Than a Marketing Buzzword, cyber threat hunting involves any concentrated effort to discover attackers inside your network that everyone else may have missed… Read More

cyber security trends for 2017

17 Cyber Security Trends for 2017

You’ll see and read plenty of 2016 year-end recaps and 2017 predictions articles. However, this list of cyber security trends for 2017 comes from the unique Delta Risk perspective, based on discussions with our clients, customers, experiences in the field, and what we’ve learned this past year. Ryan Clancy, Senior Associate at Delta Risk, presents his 17… Read More

The 12 Days of a Cyber Security Christmas

By the time Christmas Eve approaches, you may be suffering from Christmas music fatigue. Fear not, we have a fresh take on an old favorite to keep the holiday spirit alive and well. Delta Risk Senior Associate, Stephanie Ewing-Ottmers, presents a security-focused version of the twelve days of Christmas. On the first day of Christmas, my CISO gave… Read More

cyber security tabletop exercises

Q&A: Which Cyber Security Tabletop Exercises Should Infosec Professionals Prioritize?

Infosec Training Best Practices: Where Do Cyber Exercises Fit In? As we draw closer to the end of the year, cyber security best practices and strategies are being revisited to assess incident response effectiveness. One of the practices that remains essential to test incident response plans are cyber security exercises. Whether companies run table top… Read More