cyber incident scenario

4 Cyber Incident Scenarios You Should Exercise and Test

When it comes to evaluating technology in preparation for a potential disaster or cyber security incident, IT and security departments typically conduct multiple tests, playing out different scenarios to see how applications, systems, devices, and interfaces will respond in the event of an outage or attack. In business continuity, emergency management, or disaster recovery planning… Read More

how to design an effective cyber exercise

How to Design an Effective Cyber Exercise

In today’s blog, we’ll discuss how to design an effective cyber exercise to follow up on our post on the benefits of cyber exercises and how to get approvals. A good starting point is to consider why you want to have an exercise. A lot of times, cyber security teams and even upper management consider cyber… Read More

benefits of cyber exercises

What Are the Benefits of Cyber Exercises?

We’ve written several blogs previously about how cyber security exercises can keep you in shape and why cyber security exercises work. In today’s post, we’ll discuss some of the other benefits of exercises, and discuss how to go about getting approvals. Do you need help developing a cyber exercise? Get expert assistance from Delta Risk. Contact us now…. Read More

incident response assumptions

Avoid These Common Incident Response Assumptions and Planning Mistakes

Last week, I took part in one of SecureWorld Seattle’s panels, “Manage the Damage – The Current Threat Landscape.” This panel focused on the topic of developing, fine-tuning, and practicing incident response plans to be better prepared for a breach. The moderator, Jean Pawluk, and the crowd in attendance, asked some thought-provoking questions about common incident response challenges that businesses face…. Read More

actionable incident response plan

6 Essential Steps for Creating an Actionable Incident Response Plan

A few weeks ago, I spoke at the ASIS 63rd Annual International Conference about creating an actionable cyber security incident response plan that is tested and proven. Considering ASIS is more focused on physical security, I kept my recommendations focused on incident response in general. As I looked at “cyberizing” the recommendations, I discovered there isn’t much I would adjust for a physical… Read More

cyber security incident response

4 Ways to Integrate Your Cyber Security Incident Response and Business Continuity Plans

In most organizations, cyber security incident response (IR) and business continuity (BC) or  disaster recovery (DR) are still considered as separate functions and distinct disciplines. This is clearly a missed opportunity to maximize resources since they are two sides of the same coin. These disciplines share the common goals of protecting the organization’s reputation and ensuring continuity of operations. Therefore, it… Read More