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Webinar Q&A: Delta Risk Experts Share Tips for Improving Incident Response Plans

Last week, Delta Risk hosted a webinar on the topic of “Data Breach Survival Tactics: Building Incident Response Actionable Response Plans.” Delta Risk Solutions Expert, Stephanie Ewing, and Managing Consultant, Ryan Clancy, were the presenters for this live broadcast (view the on-demand version). In response to the poll questions, “Do you have an incident response plan,”… Read More

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Incident Response Strategy: Determining Where to Invest

It can be hard to plan for a security incident if you’ve never experienced one first hand. Incidents involve unauthorized access, denial of service, presence of malicious logic, and improper usage. As an incident responder, I’ve seen plenty of these situations play out. I was fortunate to share some of my experiences and lessons with… Read More

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Incident Response Q&A Part I: Preparing Your Staff for a Cyber Security Incident (Including How to Respond to the Media)

Incident response will continue to be an important cyber security priority for many organizations in 2018. We took a moment to get some deeper insight into the incident response landscape from Delta Risk Senior Consultant Ryan Clancy. Here’s part I of our incident response discussion. Dev: It seems like the tide is shifting and we’re… Read More

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Avoid These Common Incident Response Assumptions and Planning Mistakes

Last week, I took part in one of SecureWorld Seattle’s panels, “Manage the Damage – The Current Threat Landscape.” This panel focused on the topic of developing, fine-tuning, and practicing incident response plans to be better prepared for a breach. The moderator, Jean Pawluk, and the crowd in attendance, asked some thought-provoking questions about common incident response challenges that businesses face…. Read More