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Delta Risk Management Team

Delta Risk is a global provider of strategic advice, cybersecurity, and risk management solutions to government and private sector clients. These services are managed by a team of industry professionals and are delivered by a dedicated team of highly qualified consultants. Our principals have held senior positions in a variety of enterprises and government bodies, including the National Security Council staff, private enterprise, academia, research institutions, and government agencies. The Delta Risk management and leadership team consists of the following members:


Scott Kaine - Chief Executive Officer (CEO) - Delta Risk

Scott Kaine

Chief Executive Officer

Jim Garner - Chief Financial Officer - Delta Risk

Jim Garner

Chief Financial Officer

Rich Burke - VP, Public Sector - Delta Risk

Rich Burke

VP, Business Development

John Hawley

Chief Product Officer

Joseph Acosta

Director of Security Operations

Dan Harding

VP, Enterprise Sales

Bill Jensen

Creative Director

Leah Schmid - VP, HR and Admin - Delta Risk

Leah Schmid

VP, HR and Admin

Michael Warren - VP, Cyber Resiliency Services - Delta Risk

Michael Warren

VP, Professional Services

Tempy Wright

VP, Marketing

Jill White

Director of Finance

Security Experts

Patrick Dunnigan

Chief Architect

Fausto Molinet

Solutions Expert

Sales Team

Keith Melancon

Director of Sales

Zack Mahon

Senior Account Executive

Phil Chaves

Senior Account Executive

Bill McCann

Senior Account Executive

Matt McTigue

Solutions Architect

Jason Peoples

Director, Partner Programs

Michael Allen

Senior Account Executive

Taylor Johnson

Business Development Representative

Jonathan O’Connor

Analyst, Federal Sales and Business Development

Brandon Perez

Business Development Representative

Zach Crandall

Business Development Representative