cyber incident scenario

4 Cyber Incident Scenarios You Should Exercise and Test

When it comes to evaluating technology in preparation for a potential disaster or cyber security incident, IT and security departments typically conduct multiple tests, playing out different scenarios to see how applications, systems, devices, and interfaces will respond in the event of an outage or attack. In business continuity, emergency management, or disaster recovery planning… Read More

Marriott exterior

4 Big Security Lessons from the Marriott Starwood Data Breach

The Marriott Starwood data breach has potentially exposed details of up to 500 million customers, which would place it well above the Experian breach of 2017 (143 million records) and the Anthem breach of 2015 (78.7 million records). Hackers are said to have copied and encrypted information after gaining access to data. That information included personal… Read More

aftershocks of gdpr

Aftershocks of GDPR: Making Sense of the Business-Wide Effects of New Data Privacy Laws

Leading up to the May 25 General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance deadline, many of us saw these subject lines flood our inbox: “Please confirm your subscription,” “Last chance to stay on our list,” and “Do you still want to receive our emails?” Even organizations not directly impacted by GDPR compliance had to keep their heads… Read More

cyber security skills gap

Look in the Mirror to Solve the Cyber Security Skills Gap

At least once a day, I see a new article on the topic of how to close the cyber security skills gap.  Without fail, these discussions center on the need for public and private sector collaboration, early STEM education, skills-based training, and increasing cyber security programs and course options through colleges and universities. While these are… Read More