cyber security survey 2017

Take the Cyber Security Survey 2017 [And Get the Free Report]

Delta Risk has partnered with the Information Security Community on LinkedIn to examine the latest cyber security trends, investment priorities, challenges, and solutions regarding security-centric topics such as cloud security, mobile security, threat management, application security, managed security, and more. Let your voice be heard, and take the cyber security survey today! Everyone who completes this comprehensive survey will receive a… Read More

3 Tips to Influence your Decision-Makers to Invest in IT Security

3 Tips to Influence your Decision-Makers to Invest in IT Security

The IT security industry is broken right now. Every threat intelligence publication proves that mid-market organizations are targeted by hackers more often than large enterprises. Can you blame the hackers? They’re criminals, and they’re unethical, but they’re not stupid. In fact, they have evolved into strategic cybercriminals, and more importantly, they’re opportunists. Every day we hear… Read More

data breach coach

5 Ways a Data Breach Coach Can Restore Order to Incident Response

Andrew Cook is the incident response and hunt capability lead for Delta Risk, and manages the company’s ActiveResponse services. He explains the important role a data breach coach can take in guiding response teams through a cyber security incident. Imagine this nightmare scenario: it’s late in the work day, and you’re just about ready to… Read More

Threat Hunting: More Than a Marketing Buzzword

In early August we presented a comprehensive webinar on threat hunting. In this post, we expand on that presentation to explore the use of the term “hunt,” and why threat hunting is more than just a buzzword. The use of the term hunt has skyrocketed within the cyber security community, but we would argue that its… Read More

cyber exercises to improve incident response

Q & A: How Can Companies Use Cyber Exercises to Improve Incident Response?

Stephanie Ewing-Ottmers (otherwise known as SEO) is a Senior Associate at Delta Risk LLC. She is a CISSP with more than 15 years of experience in information technology and information security leadership. She also led our webinar presentation in July on how security teams can use cyber exercises to assess and improve their breach readiness. In-between the… Read More

cyber incident response plan

What’s Your Cyber Incident Response Plan? Delta Risk VP Discusses Effective Methods to Handle an Attack

Delta Risk VP of Solutions Chris Evans will lead a discussion at the (ISC)²® Alamo Chapter meeting on how organizations can leverage cyber exercises to handle cyber incidents as they unfold. Evans will guide meeting participants through the different stages of cyber exercises and the 10 most common pain points that are associated with incident… Read More