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How Regular Cyber Security Assessments and Audits Help Your Organization

Understanding your weaknesses through regular cyber security assessments and audits is critical. Without them, it’s difficult to withstand cyber attacks and protect your organization. As the wise Japanese author Shusaku Endo noted, ““Every weakness contains within itself a strength.” Knowing your weaknesses helps you focus on what you need to do to improve your cyber security posture…. Read More

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How New Banking Regulations are Changing Risk Management

Ask a financier, a telco CEO, and a cyber security analyst about the impact of new banking regulations to risk management policies, and you’ll very likely get three different answers. Everything from how banks – and companies with banking functions – must govern their organizations, to how they can ‘use’ their clients’ money. Banking regulations… Read More

Delta Risk third-party cyber security risk compliance assessment

Third-Party Assessments: What to Expect and Why They Can Benefit You

In this week’s blog we share an overview of third-party assessments for cyber security. We cover why they’re beneficial and what to expect. Lauren Bellero spoke to Sean Falconi, a managing consultant with Delta Risk in risk management and compliance, to get his thoughts on this topic. Sean has performed many third-party assessments covering a wide range… Read More

risk assessor

Confessions of a Risk Assessor: 6 Things to Know Before a Cyber Security Assessment

If you asked me what the first item of business would be for me as a new CISO or CIO in an organization, my answer would be to perform a cyber security risk assessment to improve overall security management. Actually, I’d probably install an espresso maker, but risk assessments would be a close second. Having a risk assessment done involves identifying… Read More

lower your security risk

3 Steps You Can Take Now to Lower Your Security Risk

Managing risk across an organization requires a lot of different things: setting strategy, determining tolerance, defining metrics. These are critical in your overall risk management efforts, and even more so in information security. But where do you begin? There’s no denying it can feel like a daunting task. It’s hard to make sure that information… Read More