How to Deal with Ransomware in 2020

How to Deal with Ransomware in 2020

Ransomware incidents show no signs of going away any time soon. Companies and governments continue to be faced with a tough dilemma: pay the ransom or rely on a contingency plan to regain access to critical files and systems. In this blog, we’ll discuss how to deal with ransomware in 2020 and what you can… Read More

Federal Agencies Moving to the Cloud

Federal Agencies Moving to the Cloud Must Take Stock of Information Systems

Federal agencies moving to the cloud have a lot to consider, but a new guide from the Chief Information Officer (CIO) Council provides some useful advice. The Application Rationalization Playbook is designed to help IT portfolio managers at federal agencies figure out which applications can be smartly migrated to the cloud. It offers detailed advice for agencies to consider… Read More

How to Build a Better Cyber Security Program for Your University

How to Build a Better Cyber Security Program for Your University

Colleges and universities face some unique challenges when it comes to building a cyber security program. From an ideological standpoint, university campuses are founded on the concept of the free and open exchange of ideas and information. However, universities today must balance this with the day-to-day reality of securing a vast range of critical data… Read More

business departments your cyber security team should engage

3 Business Departments Your Cyber Security Team Should Engage Now to Improve Information Security

Oftentimes, I find cyber security teams still operating in some dark back office, interacting with their non-technical colleagues as little as possible, and wondering why people just don’t get it when it comes to security. As security professionals, we frequently talk about the concept of “people, process, and tools,” but there may be a few… Read More

information security governance

Advice for New CISOs: How to Get a Head Start on Information Security Governance

A new Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) starting the first day on the job has many challenges to juggle – navigating infrastructure complexity, keeping up with ever-changing compliance and regulatory requirements, working through team skills shortages, and overcoming inadequate funding. In April, the Ponemon Institute surveyed more than 500 CISOs to assess their level of preparedness for… Read More

moving to the cloud

Q&A Part II: Common Misconceptions About Threat Hunting and the Impact of Moving to the Cloud

Yesterday, Delta Risk’s Andrew Cook and Infocyte Founder and Chief Product Officer Chris Gerritz presented a webinar on “Threat Hunting Versus Compromise Assessments: What’s the Difference?” In advance of the webinar, Dev Panchwagh spoke with the presenters to gain more insights into this subject, including common misconceptions and the impact of moving to the cloud. Dev: I wanted to get your thoughts on the cloud…. Read More