Why You Still Need Pen Testing in 2020

Why do you still need pen testing in 2020? The answer is simple: because you need a secure network – and your network is a moving target. A penetration test can give you a snapshot of your overall security posture, along with a reality check. It can help you keep your guard up and challenge… Read More


Breakthrough Listen Teams Up with SETI Institute to Host Out of This World Wireless Research Conference

The GNU Radio Foundation recently teamed up with the UC Berkeley SETI Research Center and the Breakthrough Listen project to sponsor the SETI RF Hackathon, an unprecedented wireless hackathon event. Encompassing the ultimate in Internet-of-Things (IoT) and signals hacking, professionals specializing in machine learning, radio frequency (RF), and cyber security converged at the Allen Telescope Array in California in May…. Read More


Vulnerability Assessments Overview: An Essential Component to Your Cyber Security Program

In this week’s blog we’ll share a vulnerability assessments overview and discuss how they can help you find holes in your security programs before malicious hackers can take advantage of them. Lauren Bellero spoke with Keith Melancon to get his thoughts on this topic. Keith oversees Delta Risk’s work with the Department of Defense (DoD)… Read More

reconnaisance penetration testing

The Beginner’s Guide to External Penetration Testing Reconnaissance

External penetration testing reconnaissance is a critical first step in a professional security assessment. By using the same methods and resources that attackers use to get into networks, along with open source intelligence, pen testers can get a much richer profile of an organization’s security strengths and weaknesses and conduct more successful and accurate assessments. In… Read More

penetration testing and assessments

Why Penetration Testing and Assessments Should Include Real-World Scenarios

Penetration testing and other technical assessments are designed to be practical, useful exercises to examine your security defenses and look for holes in your network or applications. There’s real value in performing these assessments to see how threat actors might be able to get into your organization and take proactive steps to address any problems. However, if the… Read More