reconnaisance penetration testing

The Beginner’s Guide to External Penetration Testing Reconnaissance

External penetration testing reconnaissance is a critical first step in a professional security assessment. By using the same methods and resources that attackers use to get into networks, along with open source intelligence, pen testers can get a much richer profile of an organization’s security strengths and weaknesses and conduct more successful and accurate assessments. In… Read More

translating the ncwf

5 External Cyber Penetration Testing Lessons Learned From 2016 Security Assessments

Every year, Delta Risk conducts hundreds of cyber security assessments, including penetration testing, for a wide range of commercial and public sector clients. Many of these organizations share similar weaknesses in their people, processes, and technology. But each assessment also presents new technical challenges for us to solve. In this five-part blog series, we’ll discuss our findings… Read More