Incident Response Services

Resolve Breach Incidents From Detection to Response
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Cut down on your security risk with these technical assessments services


ActiveResponse Hunt: assumes a breach has occurred and proactively searches clients' networks for undiscovered attackers to eliminate the threat. This is also known as a compromise assessment.


ActiveResponse Coach: provides consulting and advisory services to clients faced with managing an active incident, combining the clients’ own resources with Delta Risk’s incident management expertise.


ActiveResponse Team: provides clients with our most advanced and technical incident responders to assess, triage, and contain an attack as rapidly and efficiently as possible.

Attackers May Be on Your Network

With the frequency and severity of malicious network attacks only increasing, your organization needs the people, processes, and technology to swiftly recognize, identify, and stop threats from causing further damage. Damage can come in reputational and monetary forms. The longer threat actors stay on your network undetected, the greater harm they can cause as they work their way through your critical infrastructure.

Full Visibility

Intruders can stay on your network for weeks or even months before you find them. That’s where Delta Risk comes into the picture. We combine the robust ActiveEye security monitoring service with our ActiveResponse operations team to help you prioritize assets and close the blind spots inside and outside of your network.

Deeper Insight

By scanning network vulnerabilities and tracking abnormal behavior in your network traffic, our response teams can gain insight into the types of threats that are on your network and what they are doing. We take the intelligence we gather from ActiveEye to respond quickly.

Fast Detection

ActiveResponse services reduce the time attackers are on the network to mitigate data loss and overall network damage that can lead to reputational and operational costs. We can quickly detect attacker’s activities, identify root causes, and accelerate containment and eradication of threats.