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Cyber Security Videos

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ActiveEye Managed Security Platform Overview

Watch this short demo to learn more about ActiveEye, our modern, cloud-native platform. ActiveEye gives you a transparent view into all security operations center (SOC) activities. It uses Security Orchestration Automation and Response (SOAR) to cut through the noise and address the most critical threats faster.

key security aws

Key Security Considerations for AWS

Check out this short video on “Key Security Considerations for AWS” from the Delta Risk Cloud Security Team for some expert advice you can use when setting up AWS.

smb security risk

Security Risks for SMBs

Aberdeen Group research, brought to you by Delta Risk, reveals the security risk factors small and mid-size businesses face and how they can overcome these risks to sustain growth.

how to protect against ransomware

Detecting Ransomware Incidents

Nearly 50 percent of businesses have been the victim of a ransomware attack. How are we tracking these attacks throughout the lifecycle on its clients’ environments? Using Unified Security Management (USM), our team can detect ransomware actions (including the encryption of files) and provide regulatory and compliance reporting. Here’s how.

continous corporate compliance

Meeting Continuous Compliance

Managing PCI, HIPAA, and SOC compliance can be a patchwork without a comprehensive security stack. Find out how Delta Risk and AlienVault can minimize compliance complexity using AlienVault Unified Security Management (USM) and ActiveEye.

identifying network vulnerabilities

The Advantages of a Vulnerability Assessment

Being able to find and remediate network attackers begins with identifying network vulnerabilities. Network vulnerabilities can be found at various levels, and Delta Risk aims to understand each individual environment for future detection and prevention. Here’s a quick intro into our vulnerability assessment process.

detecting malicious network activity

Detecting Malicious Network Activity Using IDS

One of the core components of the AlienVault unified security management (USM) platform is the intrusion detection system (IDS), used to identify malicious activity that takes places across network lines. Delta Risk leverages IDS to accelerate threat detection. Here’s a quick breakdown.

critical capabilities for security information and event management

Defining SIEM

SIEM stands for security information and event management. SIEM enables us to integrate all data to improve information security management. Learn how SIEM can help customers meet their regulatory needs.