ActiveEye Managed Security Platform

Orchestrate Your Security Ecosystem

Armed with the tools you already use, ActiveEye optimizes and scales Managed Detection and Response (MDR) capabilities across your enterprise. It eliminates the noise allowing you to focus on the tasks that need your attention. With automation and pre-packaged policies, you can resolve critical threats faster. The ActiveEye platform powers the Delta Risk Managed Security services.

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Native Cloud Security

Native Cloud Security eliminates the need for additional cloud infrastructure or CASB solutions

ActiveEye is a modern security platform, born in the cloud to protect your cloud. Native integrations to AWS, Azure, Google Cloud and many SaaS applications like Office 365 secure your transition. Configuration assessment identifies risks in your cloud and activity monitoring alerts you to account compromise or abuse of resources.


Threat Analytics

Better insights drive faster detection and response.

ActiveEye learns who and what is attacking your organization, building a threat database that analysts can add to manually as well. Advanced machine learning uses this data while profiling users to detect account takeover or insider threats.

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) using ActiveEye leverage threat data across multiple customers and gain the benefit of an even broader set of information.



Alert Prioritization

Leverage expertise across the team, enabling collaboration and documenting it for reference by others in the future.

All alerts are not created equal. ActiveEye rank orders alerts so analysts are focused on the highest risks. Activities that start with a low urgency score can quickly increase as the Virtual Analyst evaluates current context and how the SOC handled similar situations in the past.


Interactive Incident Investigation

Gain quick visibility into all activity to reduce response time

ActiveEye puts a simple, intuitive investigation capability at the fingertips of even non-security experts. Want to see all alerts that relate to this one (both currently open and previously closed)? That’s one click. Need to see all administrative activity on this user account across all cloud environments? Yep, one click.


SOC Metrics

Be certain your staffing level is appropriate and effective while knowing when and where to grow

For a team to optimize their performance, they need insights on their activities. ActiveEye captures key metrics around work load, ability to meet service levels and response actions taken.

For MSPs, metrics include analytics on work loads across customers as well.

24×7 Expert Monitoring and Guidance

The ActiveEye Managed Security Platform is flexible and easy to manage on your own, but most of our customers take advantage of our US-based security experts. Feel more confident and in control with our team of experts watching your assets 24×7.


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