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Cyber Security Exercises

Take the Guesswork Out of Your Response Plan

A Proactive Approach Brings Positive Results

Many organizations are ill-prepared for a breach because they have not established a reliable incident management program. Cyber incident training, preparation, and simulations are essential steps to keep your organization from being blindsided by attacks.

Cyber exercises are valuable for evaluating existing security defenses, testing new procedures, and establishing a fundamental method for training your security personnel on evolving threats and new defense tactics. Delta Risk uses risk-based and scenario-based approaches to improve your organization’s ability to detect and respond to cyber security incidents.

cyber security exercises

Actionable Remediation

Identify specific actions to improve organization-wide response to cyber threats

cyber security exercises

Beyond Compliance

Move beyond “compliance checks” to demonstrated capability

cyber security exercises

Muscle Memory

Build “muscle memory” with process and people for more effective response to future attacks

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How You Benefit From Cyber Exercises

  • Discover program gaps and capability weaknesses
  • Identify key decisions, assumptions, and program priorities
  • Gain confidence in people and procedures
  • Simulate real-world events
  • Detect incidents faster and respond quicker

Customized to Fit Your Needs


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Exercises can be used to assess your organization’s ability to detect, analyze, respond and recover from cyber threats. Delta Risk delivers services across the entire cyber security exercise lifecycle. We can provide turn-key, single event exercises or help clients build comprehensive exercise programs ranging from discussion based table-top exercises to full scale operational exercises with simulated attacks and live “hackers” to respond to.

Experience to Get the Results You Need

Delta Risk has developed and executed cyber security exercise programs for a variety of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), as well as US federal, state, and local organizations.

Stay Informed on Cyber Security


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Delta Risk Corporate Overview

Delta Risk offers cloud security, SOC-as-a-Service, managed security, and professional services to commercial and public sector organizations. Our US-based cyber security experts provide 24×7 monitoring, consulting, and guidance to our customers on
their journey to a secure environment.


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