Cyber Security Data Sheet: Delta Risk Corporate Overview

Data Sheet: Delta Risk Corporate Overview

Delta Risk is a leader in cyber security services for commercial and government clients worldwide. We offer a full complement of strategic consulting, advisory, incident response, and managed security capabilities. Your approach to cyber security should be planned, managed, and executed based on your organization’s needs. Our team will help you succeed in today’s competitive business environment by building on the people, processes, and technology you already have. Delta Risk can help you develop resiliency with approaches specific to your organization that encompass policy setting, contingency planning, technical training, threat awareness, assessments, and exercises.

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Cyber Security Data Sheet: Active CAM

Data Sheet: ActiveCAM

The most critical area of cloud security is access control. Delta Risk can monitor logs on all your cloud environments and report on any anomalies we detect. We’ll only let you know of the patterns that are most critical. These focused, actionable alerts are central for keeping your cloud environments safe and secure.

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Cyber Security Data Sheet: Active CAM

Data Sheet: ActiveResponse

An attacker can hide on your network for days, months, or years before being discovered, and it often takes a third party to make that discovery. The damage in icted in that time can result in devastating costs and long-term harm.

Whether you want to minimize the cost and damages that result from an incident, or you’re concerned that you’ve been breached and don’t know it, Delta Risk’s incident responders and threat hunters are ready to help. Our proven, methodical, and evidence-driven approach will keep you in control of whatever chaos an incident may bring.

Our dedicated consultants work quickly to detect an attacker’s activities, determine root causes and impact, and enable swift containment, eradication, and recovery.

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Cyber Security Data Sheet: ActiveEye Managed Security Services

Data Sheet: ActiveEye Managed Cyber Security Services

Business is increasingly being conducted on platforms like mobile devices and cloud services, making it difficult for traditional IT and security to keep up. With the frequency and severity of attacks increasing, your organization needs the people, technology, and proven methods to swiftly recognize and respond to the oncoming rush of threats.

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Cyber Security Data Sheet: ActiveResponse Cyber Response Services

Data Sheet: ActiveResponse Cyber Response Services

An attacker can hide on your network for days, months, or years before being discovered – and it often takes a third party to make that discovery. The damage inflicted in that time can result in devastating operational costs and long-term harm to your reputation.

ActiveResponse is an incident handling solution designed for organizations that want to mitigate data loss, reduce the time attackers are on their network, and maintain compliance and regulatory standards.

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Insider Threat Data Sheet

Insider Threat Services

Insider threats are complex and constantly evolving adversaries. Whether malicious or unintentional, they threaten what matters most—your people and data. Delta Risk LLC knows people are your most effective defense against insider threats if properly trained and supported.

Since 2007, Delta Risk has solved complex cyber problems for commercial and government clients. Our team understands the insider threat mentaility. All our experts hold certi cates in insider threat assessments. We carefully calculate and investigate insider threats’ intentions and where they could emerge.

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Cyber Security Data Sheet: Cyber Exercises

Data Sheet: Cyber Exercises

Many organizations are ill-prepared for a breach because they have not established a reliable incident management program. Cyber incident training, preparation,and simulations are essential steps to keep your organization from being blindsided by attacks.

Cyber exercises are valuable for evaluating existing security defenses, testing new procedures, and establishing a fundamental method for training your security personnel on evolving threats and new defense tactics. Delta Risk LLC uses risk- based and scenario-based approaches to evaluate your organization’s ability to detect and respond to cyber security incidents.

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Cyber Security Data Sheet: Penetration Testing

Cyber Security Assessments for the Public Sector

Is your organization struggling with the rapid pace of technological advances that are disrupting the normal course of operations? If so, you’re not alone. Routine and complex functions are now performed more quickly than ever before, and increasingly rely on a geographically-dispersed work force connected by diverse networks and an Internet of Things (IoT). Although these technological changes are designed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your organization, cyber adversaries are quickly adapting their attack methods to leverage these changes in order to serve their nefarious goals.

To combat this elevated risk, you must adopt a vigilant and holistic approach to cyber security that assesses the strength of the people, process, and technology your organization relies on to execute its mission. To serve this critical need, Delta Risk offers a comprehensive selection of cyber security assessments – highlighted below – designed to protect your organization from the multitude of ever-evolving cyber threats.

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Cyber Security Data Sheet: Penetration Testing

Data Sheet: Penetration Testing

How difficult—or easy—would it be for malicious hackers to penetrate your corporate network and other computing resources? Would you rather find out through an incident that compromises confidential company, employee, or client data—or through a structured simulation of such a breach?

Penetration testing, also known as pentesting or pen testing, is one of the best ways to assess the strengths and weaknesses of your security perimeter and related controls, policies and procedures. In these tests, sometimes referred to as “ethical hacking,” information security experts simulate the thought processes and actions of attackers. Leveraging technical knowledge, as well as publicly available or well-known information (such as default passwords), these experts are often able to crack systems and networks—revealing important vulnerabilities.

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Cyber Security Data Sheet: Training

Data Sheet: Cyber Security Training

Cyber security training comes in all shapes and sizes, but with all the options, identifying the most appropriate training for different roles and teams within your organization can be challenging without in-depth knowledge of goals and requirements. Our approach to training focuses on designing and delivering programs that addresses the most signi cant cyber risks to an organization.

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Cyber Security Data Sheet: Vendor Assessments

Data Sheet: Vendor Security Assessment Services

Using a qualified cyber security consulting firm, you can determine if your business partners deserve your trust. Armed with information from a Vendor Security Assessment, you can develop plan of action for your partners to maintain and strengthen current your environments.

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