Cyber Security Data Sheet: Delta Risk Corporate Overview

Delta Risk Corporate Overview

Delta Risk offers cloud security, SOC-as-a-Service, managed security, and
professional services to commercial and public sector organizations. We provide
the visibility and control you need for effective cloud, endpoint, and network
security. ActiveEyeSM, our proprietary platform, uses Security Orchestration
Automation and Response (SOAR) to optimize and scale Managed Detection and
Response (MDR) capabilities across the enterprise. Our US-based cyber security
experts provide 24×7 monitoring, consulting, and guidance to our customers on
their journey to a secure environment.

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Cyber Security Data Sheet: Delta Risk Assessments Overview

Delta Risk Cyber Security Assessments

Are your environments secure from attack? Or are there hidden vulnerabilities lurking beneath the surface?

As the risk and impact of breaches continue to grow, organizations turn to Delta Risk’s trusted team of experts to assess and validate the security of their environments, by rigorously stress-testing their vulnerabilities and capabilities under simulated threat conditions.

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Data Sheet: Delta Risk Partner Overview

Delta Risk Partner Program

Delta Risk offers a full suite of security solutions for managed service providers (MSPs). We do all the data collection, triage, and forensics, and give you the actionable intelligence your customers need to remediate incidents. The set-up process is quick and easy, so you can start driving revenue for your business from day one.

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Cyber Security Data Sheet: ActiveEye Managed Security Services

ActiveEye Managed Security Services

Business is increasingly being conducted on platforms like mobile devices and cloud services, making it difficult for traditional IT and security to keep up. With the frequency and severity of attacks increasing, your organization needs the people, technology, and proven methods to swiftly recognize and respond to the oncoming rush of threats.

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SaaS Application Security Data Sheet

ActiveEye SaaS Application Security

While SaaS applications are typically secure, maintaining data security and proper configuration is ultimately up to the organizations using them. With Delta Risk, you can gain configuration best practices with advanced analytics to see how your SaaS applications are performing and assess the threat levels.

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ActiveEye Cloud Infrastructure Security

ActiveEye Cloud Infrastructure Security

The cloud infrastructure landscape becomes more complex by the day – most organizations have multiple AWS or Microsoft Azure accounts to manage. Delta Risk can help you bridge the security gaps for these environments by helping you develop a plan or supplement your existing plan.

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Cyber Security Data Sheet: Active CAM


Whether you want to minimize the cost and damages that result from an incident, or you’re concerned that you’ve been breached and don’t know it, Delta Risk’s incident responders and threat hunters are ready to help. Our proven, methodical, and evidence-driven approach will keep you in control of whatever chaos an incident may bring.


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Cyber Security Data Sheet: ActiveInsight

ActiveInsight Services

Are you prepared to handle a data breach? With Delta Risk’s collective advisory
and assessment services — also known as ActiveInsight — we can identify the potential gaps and vulnerabilities in your cyber security program, put your incident response teams to the test through simulated exercise scenarios, and educate
your staff (and keep them trained) on the steps and skills they need to respond
to emerging threats.

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Insider Threat Data Sheet

Insider Threat Services

Insider threats are complex and constantly evolving adversaries. Whether malicious or unintentional, they threaten what matters most—your people and data. Delta Risk LLC knows people are your most effective defense against insider threats if properly trained and supported. Since 2007, Delta Risk has solved complex cyber problems for commercial and government clients. Our team understands the insider threat mentaility. All our experts hold certicates in insider threat assessments. We carefully calculate and investigate insider threats’ intentions and where they could emerge.

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Cyber Security Data Sheet: Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing, also known as pentesting or pen testing, is one of the best ways to assess the strengths and weaknesses of your security perimeter and related controls, policies and procedures. In these tests, sometimes referred to as “ethical hacking,” information security experts simulate the thought processes and actions of attackers. Leveraging technical knowledge, as well as publicly available or well-known information (such as default passwords), these experts are often able to crack systems and networks—revealing important vulnerabilities.

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Cyber Security Data Sheet: Vendor Assessments

Vendor Security Assessment Services

Using a qualified cyber security consulting firm, you can determine if your business partners deserve your trust. Armed with information from a Vendor Security Assessment, you can develop plan of action for your partners to maintain and strengthen current your environments.

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