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Cloud Infrastructure Security

Security for Your Modern Infrastructure

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Security for Your Modern Infrastructure


Bridge the Gap to Secure Cloud Infrastructure

Growing a business today requires moving faster and being more innovative than your competitors. Cloud infrastructure, powered by platforms like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google, enables organizations to get improved analytics, deliver new applications, and better collaborate with partners.

Cloud providers are responsible for the security of their platforms and applications. But configuring these platforms securely and identifying anomalous behavior is up to the organizations and individuals using them. In most cases, however, the people setting up accounts and using them are not security experts or specialists in cloud configuration. The result is an accelerating number of breaches that either expose sensitive enterprise data or enable the misuse of cloud accounts for personal financial gain. The problem is especially acute for organizations that think they are just “experimenting” with cloud infrastructure. Most of the recent cloud data breaches or theft of cloud processing resources have occurred in non-production environments.

ActiveEyeSM Cloud Infrastructure Security combines configuration best practices with advanced log analytics to provide visibility and control for AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. You can rely on our security expertise to help you confidently grow your business in the cloud.


What can ActiveEye help you see?

Insider Threats

  • Unusual Instance Creation
  • World-Readable Storage

External Threat

  • Logon from Unapproved Country
  • API Access from Malicious IP


  • New User Creation
  • Root Access without MFA

Bridge the Gap to Modern Cloud Infrastructure Security

saas breaches

Prevent Cloud Breaches

Ensure cloud infrastructure is configured to meet best practice standards. Get immediate visibility to any suspicious access.

saas insider threats

Detect Insider Threats

Harness advanced analytics to profile users and detect behavior not part of normal business activity. Quickly identify any misuse of resources.

saas compliance

Demonstrate Compliance

Easily complete a regular review of key cloud security actions. Extend compliance reporting to the cloud.



  • Discover Cloud Resources and Compare Against Approved Workload Types
  • Assess Current Configuration Against Best Practices
  • Gain Actionable Insights to Remove Risks and Resolve Security Gaps
  • Detect Threats in Real Time with Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning
  • Integrate with Existing Security Ecosystem and Workflows

Is ActiveEye Cloud Infrastructure Security Right for You?



  • Easy Integration with AWS, Azure, Google
  • Best Practices for Security Controls and Policies
  • Advanced Log Analytics and Anomaly Detection
  • 24 x 7 Cloud Monitoring




ActiveEye Cloud Infrastructure Security Benefits

  • Rely on the knowledge and insights of cloud security experts versus doing it all in-house
  • Zero in on insights quickly, so you have more time to spend on your business
  • Complete security partner that can provide everything from cloud security architecture assessments to 24×7 managed detection and response
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) Advanced Technical Partner 

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