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CIO & CISO Guidebook

This CIO & CISO Guidebook is designed to provide guidance and help you and your team to successfully navigate the path. Whether your title is Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), Chief Information Officer (CIO), or other security role, we understand that leading the security journey for your organization is no easy task, and are here to help.

Resources to Help You Succeed ​

This CIO & CISO Guidebook is designed to help bring you and your fellow security executives up to speed on technical knowledge, industry trends, and cyber threats. The role of the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and Chief Information Officer (CIO) – or anyone who aspires to that role – is changing. It’s becoming increasingly more complex as cyber security threats increase.

While security management is a top priority for many organizations, the threat landscape is evolving so quickly that it can be difficult to know what to focus on. To complicate things further, security professionals are tasked with managing risk in addition to data and privacy protection. Our CIO & CISO Guidebook, or knowledge base, features blogs and related content on topics that CIOs, CISOs and other information security professionals will find useful.

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What’s the Total Economic Impact of CrowdStrike Falcon?

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Bridge the Gap to Modern Security

Advisory Services

Whether you need pen testing, vulnerability assessments, or cyber exercises to test your readiness, our expert consultants can help.

Managed Security Services

Our managed security services and SOC-as-a-Service give you 24×7 support at a fraction of the cost of building and staffing your own security operations center.

Incident Response

Expert, experienced staff guide you through the incident response and recovery process from start to finish.