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People, Process, and Technology

Delta Risk offers a comprehensive suite of professional security services. Assess your people, processes, and technology to discover cyber security gaps across your network, endpoints, and cloud infrastructure, as well as mobile and web applications. Protect your company from attackers and respond quickly to security incidents and data breaches with expert assistance from Delta Risk.

Prepare Your Business and Stay Compliance Ready With Our Professional Security Services

Pen Testing & Assessments

Pinpoint Attack Patterns to Protect Your Critical Assets

Incident Response

Resolve Breach Incidents From Detection to Response

Cyber Security Exercises

Take the Guesswork Out of Your Response Plan

Compliance & Strategy

Meet Regulatory Requirements With Confidence

Respond with Confidence to the Next Data Breach

When an incident occurs, what will you do? You may have an in-house IT team, but are they prepared to handle the legal, regulatory, operational, and human resources nightmare of a bona-fide crisis? You may have an incident response plan, but when was it last updated? How confident are you that it will work? Does anyone even know where it is? Proactive organizations are better equipped to handle a breach when and where it takes place. Our professional cyber security services can keep your organization from getting blindsided.

Skills Sustainment

Trained cyber security personnel are in short supply, and even those who are trained need to learn new skills to help keep their organizations protected against tomorrow’s threats. Our expert consultants can help you as much or as little as you need to supplement in-house skills and expertise.

Scenario-Based Drills

You need to know if your incident response teams are prepared for an attack. Whether it’s table-top or operation-based exercises, we can tailor your programs to various incidents and situations, and our team will provide post-exercise trends analysis and recommendations.

Collaborative Approach

For organizations that don’t have the resources or dedicated team to manage cyber security programs, it can be difficult to stay on top of new requirements. With our advisory services, we can provide short-term and long-term resources to augment and assist your current security teams, and help maintain programs after we leave.

Stay Informed on Cyber Security Professional Services

White Paper

Hacker Secrets Revealed: Lessons Learned from Assessments

The technical objective of security assessments is to emulate an outside adversary to get access into an internal network, escalate privileges, and obtain sensitive information. The intent is not to find every single vulnerability in the way that a vulnerability scan might do, but rather to find some of the vulnerabilities that exist, and attempt to exploit those.

White Paper

Can Your Security Team Handle a Breach?

By clearly identifying roles and responsibilities, clarifying the chain of command, and ensuring a strong understanding of protocols, organizations can improve their capacity to successfully respond to and recover from significant cyber events.


Why Your Incident Response Plan Won’t Save You

Do your spring-cleaning plans call for refreshing and improving your cyber security incident response plan (CSIRP)? If so, that means your organization has a CSIRP – and hats off to you, because you’re in the minority.


Are Your Third-Party Vendors Putting You at Risk?

Even a single vendor with sloppy security practices can do an impressive amount of damage to your bottom line and reputation. Don’t believe me? Let’s look at the evidence from 2018.