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Traditional endpoint security tools have blind spots, making them unable to see and stop advanced threats. Delta Risk solves this problem by delivering complete endpoint visibility across your organization.

ActiveEye continuously monitors all endpoint activity and analyzes the data in real time to automatically identify threat activity, enabling it to both detect and prevent advanced threats as they happen. All activity is visible in the ActiveEye platform so your security team can rapidly investigate incidents, respond to alerts, and proactively hunt for new threats.


Activity Alerts


Compliance Reports


Behavior Analytics


Threat Intelligence


Incident Response


Key Capabilities

Single Agent, Cloud Platform

Our ActiveEye platform consolidates security in the cloud using a single agent, console, and dataset.

Streaming Prevention with Minimal False Positives

ActiveEye’s unique, data-driven prevention technology is certified to replace antivirus software. It uses predictive modeling to identify and prevent known and unknown threats – including malware, file-less attacks, and ransomware – minimizing misses and false positives.

Complete Endpoint Visibility

ActiveEye gives you a clear, comprehensive picture of endpoint activity. Unfiltered, tagged data allows you to easily search and investigate endpoints, follow the stages of an attack, and identify root causes so you can close security gaps.

Improved Efficiency Between Security and IT Operations

Break down the walls between IT Operations and Security with simple workflows and built- in tools for live incident response, real-time investigations, and team collaboration. Flexible policy configurations allow you to explicitly tailor your prevention, keeping users happy without compromising security.

Bridge the Gap to Modern Endpoint Security

saas breaches

Fast Deployment

Get up and running quickly and easily with a cloud-delivered agent for multiple endpoints.

saas insider threats

Immediate Results

See findings from monitoring and recording with unmatched detection and visibility from day one.

saas compliance

Zero Impact

With only a lightweight agent on the endpoint, searches take place without any performance impact on your endpoints or network.



  • Signatures and Cloud-Based Reputation to Stop Malware
  • Streaming Prevention to Stop Advanced File-Less Attacks
  • Flexible Prevention Policies
  • Customizable Executive Dashboard
  • 24x7 SOC for Real-Time Threat Remediation
  • PCI and HIPAA Compliant
  • Open API Integration with Existing Security Stack

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