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Endpoint security is critical to protect your business from threats like malware and ransomware. But traditional endpoint security tools like antivirus have blind spots. They're unable to see and stop advanced security threats that exploit vulnerabilities in mobile devices, servers, desktops, tablets, and laptops. Every day, more companies are adopting bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies, resulting in thousands of remote devices connecting to the network. The result? Your network security can be compromised in seconds without advanced security measures.

Many organizations realize that their antivirus solutions aren’t keeping up with today’s advanced threats. However, they’re struggling to understand which next-generation endpoint security solution will be best for their business needs. If you’re ready to upgrade your antivirus but don’t know where to start, we can help. We’ve partnered with leading next-generation providers like CrowdStrike, Carbon Black, and Sophos to deploy and manage whichever solution is best for your business needs.

Delta Risk solves this problem by delivering complete visibility across your enterprise network and any endpoint devices that connect to it. Our co-managed ActiveEye 2.0 platform enables you to see all activity in real-time. This leaves more time for your in-house team or our security operations center (SOC) to hunt for new threats, prioritize alerts, and investigate incidents faster.


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Key Capabilities

Single Agent and Cloud Platform Speeds Deployment and Reduces Costs

Our ActiveEye platform consolidates endpoint security visibility and management in the cloud using a single agent, console, and dataset. That means no additional software or hardware to set up or manage on your IT infrastructure. This offers a cost-effective means to deploy the endpoint security software you need without significant upfront investment.

Advanced Security Orchestration Automation and Response (SOAR) Reduces False Positives

ActiveEye’s unique, data-driven prevention technology is certified to replace antivirus software. It uses predictive modeling to identify and prevent known and unknown threats – including malware, fileless attacks, and ransomware – minimizing misses and false positives.

Complete Endpoint Visibility to Eliminate Blind Spots and Identify Root Causes

ActiveEye gives you a clear, comprehensive picture of endpoint activity and centralized management. Unfiltered, tagged data allows you to easily search and investigate endpoints. You can follow the stages of an attack and identify root causes so you can close security gaps.

Flexible Policy Configurations and Reduced Workload on IT Operations

Break down the walls between IT Operations and Security. ActiveEye has simple workflows and built-in tools for live incident response, real-time investigations, and team collaboration. Flexible policy configurations and security standards allow you to explicitly tailor your prevention, keeping end users happy without compromising security.

Bridge the Gap to Modern Endpoint Security

saas breaches

Fast Deployment

Get up and running quickly and easily with a cloud-delivered agent for multiple endpoints. There’s no hardware or software to install.

saas insider threats

Immediate Results

See findings from endpoint alerts with unmatched detection and visibility and correlate them with network and cloud alerts.

saas compliance

Zero Impact

With a lightweight agent, searches for malware and threats happen without any performance impact on your endpoints or network.


Endpoint Security Features

  • Signatures and Cloud-Based Reputation Scoring to Stop Malware Faster
  • Streaming Prevention to Stop Advanced Fileless Attacks
  • Flexible Prevention Policies to Minimize End-User Complaints
  • Customizable Executive Dashboard to Show KPIs and Average Response Time
  • 24x7 Security Operations Center (SOC) for Real-Time Threat Remediation
  • Payment Card Industry (PCI) and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Compliant
  • Fast and Easy Open API Integration with Your Existing Security Stack

Next-Generation Endpoint Security Solutions: Why Is Antivirus Not Enough?

Endpoint detection and response is critical because that’s where most attacks begin. Once an attacker breaches an endpoint, they can move laterally to other endpoints or spread deeper into your network environment. Advanced automation in ActiveEye can help you detect and neutralize attacks even before you’re even aware that an attack is underway. Security orchestration automation and response (SOAR) is where the optimization and efficiency of your security stack are really tested.

Many companies, especially small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs), still rely on antivirus software to protect network access. Unfortunately, SMBs are just as much a target for cyber-attacks as large enterprises. However, they are far less likely to have the budget and resources to defend against them.

A majority of organizations are unprepared to tackle the increased endpoint security risks from new and increasingly sophisticated threats, such as fileless malware and advanced attacks.

The 2019 Cybersecurity Insiders Endpoint Security report found that only half of respondents believe their current endpoint security solution could stop more than 75 percent of attacks. In addition, 21 percent estimate it will stop less than half of attacks. As a result, more than half of companies surveyed see a significant increase in endpoint security risk. Three out of four see endpoint security becoming even more important in the future.

Endpoint Security Solutions versus Antivirus

If you’re trying to decide between antivirus and a next-generation endpoint security solution, and not sure where to start, consider the following:

  • Do you have remote employees accessing corporate data from BYOD devices?
  • Do you need to meet compliance requirements like PCI or HIPAA?
  • Do you have Internet of Things (IoT) devices connecting to your network or used in your corporate environment?
  • Do you have sufficient internal resources to deploy and manage a next-generation endpoint solution like Carbon Black, CrowdStrike, or Sophos?
  • Can your internal security team keep up with thousands of endpoint security solution alerts?

An agent-based next-generation endpoint security system allows you to see user activity across devices. It also shows whether or not they’re using encrypted protocols, unusual usage patterns and another anomalies. If you’re not sure which one best suits your business needs, Delta Risk can help you evaluate options and make recommendations accordingly.

Antivirus solutions must be installed on individual devices like smartphones and laptops. They require constant updates to detect new threats and remove malware. In contrast, endpoint security solutions can be centrally managed and support remote deployment and updates. They also include intrusion detection, as well as detect any new devices that connect to your network.

Another important distinction is that modern endpoint security solutions have APIs that can integrate with ActiveEye. All activity can be centralized and correlated with activity across your cloud applications and infrastructure. It can also be mapped to activity from your security information and event management (SIEM) software.

Endpoint security solutions can generate thousands of alerts every day. That's why many organizations have partnered with Delta Risk for endpoint security management. Contact us today to learn how we can your organization successfully deploy and monitor an endpoint security solution.

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