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Security for Your Modern Infrastructure


Most organizations have multiple AWS or Microsoft Azure accounts, with developers creating new workloads and databases daily. Do you know what resources are running across ALL your cloud accounts, and if it is configured securely? Would you know if a contractor used your cloud accounts to host ill-intentioned workloads? The value of cloud services is in automating actions and interconnecting systems. Would you know if system accounts were compromised? How long would it take to discover a storage bucket that was accidentally configured as world readable?

To successfully adopt cloud and enable your teams to move at competitive speed, you need a security partner who can help you develop a security plan or supplement your existing security solution. Delta Risk has you covered with ActiveEye Cloud Infrastructure Security, ActiveInsight cloud security assessments, and ActiveResponse services.


Cloud Monitoring



Get full visibility into activity in all your cloud environments and accounts. Let your teams develop while having confidence there are no unknown risks.
Policy Monitoring
Apply best practice controls to your configuration and usage of cloud services. Arm your teams with best practices to quickly find misconfigurations.
Anomaly Detection
Detect malicious use from inside or outside your organization. Use advanced analytics to detect inappropriate use of resources from internal or external attackers.
Do You Have the Visibility You Need?

Would you know if a database was configured to be readable? Would you know if your pricing or mission critical data had been altered? What would happen if you were no longer able to reach your organization’s data? Would you know if someone started up new resources in a different region?

The ActiveEye Advantage

The Delta Risk Advantage

Integration With Existing Security

Out of the box integration to SIEM and other MSS solutions

Intelligent Analytics

Machine learning, combined with real-time threat analytics provides quick, accurate alerting

24x7 Ops Support from an All-American Team

U.S.-based SOC monitors your activity around the clock with an expert staff of experienced security analysts

Complete Cyber Security Partner

Get the people, process, and technology you need to enable your security function or supplement what you have in place today