How Cyber Security Exercises Can Keep You in Shape

How Cyber Security Exercises Can Keep You in Shape

Like regular physical exercise, exercising your cyber security muscles can be a good way to keep your information technology (IT) staff in cyber-shape. The purpose of cyber security exercises is to prepare and test a person or group to respond to a specific set of circumstances. Performing cyber security exercises can have some of the… Read More

cyber security skills shortage

How to Close the Cyber Security Skills Shortage by Maximizing Existing Resources

We frequently hear about the cyber security talent shortage and technical skills gap. According to the ISACA “State of Cybersecurity 2018: Part 1: Workforce Development” study, lack of technical skills ranked as one of the top two challenges for security professionals and managers. Often, though, it’s easy to overlook or underestimate non-technical challenges. This can include… Read More

threat hunting best practices

Threat Hunting Best Practices: Be Ready to Hunt When Cyber Criminals Strike

When the term “threat hunting” is brought up in the cyber security community, it can come across as more of a buzzwordthan a viable and important strategy for organizations to adopt. While there is plenty of discussion about what threat hunting means and why having a hunt program is important, the mindset, methods, and key steps… Read More

threat monitoring

New 2017 Threat Monitoring, Detection, and Response Report Shows Dramatic Rise in Threats

Results from the new 2017 Threat Monitoring, Detection, and Response Report indicate that companies continue to lose ground to emerging cyber threats. Over the last six months, there has been a dramatic rise in ransomware attacks and insider threat attacks that have led to data loss and reputational harm. Delta Risk partnered with the Information Security Community on LinkedIn to develop the in-depth… Read More

petya ransomware

A Pen Tester’s Perspective on Petya Ransomware

There’s no shortage of  analysis on the Petya ransomware strain that struck organizations across the globe in the past month. You can find blog posts and articles covering practically every angle – from the machine language nuances of the code, to the length of the encryption key, to the possible nationality of the code writer…. Read More