network segmentation and security

How Network Segmentation Can Improve Security: Part Two

In part one of our blog on network segmentation and security, we talked about how network segmentation can improve security and help you protect critical assets. We also covered two segments of network segmentation design as part of layered security. In part two, we’ll discuss two additional segments and how to go about protecting them… Read More

How Network Segmentation Can Improve Security

How Network Segmentation Can Improve Security: Part One

What is network segmentation? In simple terms, it refers to using subnets to separate sections of a network. There are several use cases for network segmentation: improved performance, better security, compliance, or even continuous monitoring. Regardless of the reason, the goal is to create separate subnets, or segments, for known network traffic. In this blog,… Read More

How to Build a Better Cyber Security Program for Your University

How to Build a Better Cyber Security Program for Your University

Colleges and universities face some unique challenges when it comes to building a cyber security program. From an ideological standpoint, university campuses are founded on the concept of the free and open exchange of ideas and information. However, universities today must balance this with the day-to-day reality of securing a vast range of critical data… Read More

honeypot security

Honeypot Security: Identifying Active Hackers Through Honeypot Deception

Every security expert has a perspective on what (and who) poses the biggest network security threats: cybercriminals, lone hackers, hacktivists, insiders, compromised workstations, and even nation-states. But with so many traffic requests making their way to your corporate network, it can be hard to distinguish attackers from legitimate visitors. While security information and event management… Read More