cyber security trends for 2017

17 Cyber Security Trends for 2017

You’ll see and read plenty of 2016 year-end recaps and 2017 predictions articles. However, this list of cyber security trends for 2017 comes from the unique Delta Risk perspective, based on discussions with our clients, customers, experiences in the field, and what we’ve learned this past year. Ryan Clancy, Senior Associate at Delta Risk, presents his 17… Read More

honeypot security

Honeypot Security: Identifying Active Hackers Through Honeypot Deception

Every security expert has a perspective on what (and who) poses the biggest network security threats: cybercriminals, lone hackers, hacktivists, insiders, compromised workstations, and even nation-states. But with so many traffic requests making their way to your corporate network, it can be hard to distinguish attackers from legitimate visitors. While security information and event management… Read More