Students learning and using computers.

2019 University Cyber Attacks: How Can You Protect Your Organization?

In 2019 university cyber attacks have been making headlines. Many colleges and universities, mainly those in the U.S. and other NATO countries, have become targets for cyber criminals and nation-state actors. In the ever-evolving cyber ecosystem, security professionals and their adversaries engage in continuous virtual combat. Cyber criminals have historically been more focused on targeting… Read More

Delta Risk third-party cyber security risk compliance assessment

Third-Party Assessments: What to Expect and Why They Can Benefit You

In this week’s blog we share an overview of third-party assessments for cyber security. We cover why they’re beneficial and what to expect. Lauren Bellero spoke to Sean Falconi, a managing consultant with Delta Risk in risk management and compliance, to get his thoughts on this topic. Sean has performed many third-party assessments covering a wide range… Read More

years of cyber security services

[Infographic] Delta Risk Celebrates 10 Years of Cyber Security Services

We’re celebrating our 10-year anniversary today, and we thank all of you for engaging with our content through the years! The cyber security landscape has changed dramatically since our founding, and we’ve evolved along with it. From our roots providing training and cyber exercises for agencies such as the U.S. Air Force and Department of Defense (DoD), we’ve expanded our offerings… Read More

today's insider threats

What History Teaches Us About Today’s Insider Threats

While insider threat attacks continue to make waves in the news, the origins of insider threats go back decades and even centuries. Insiders have emerged in religious texts, insiders have brought down empires, and insiders have stolen money and information from various organizations. There are few industries or organizations that have escaped the threat from their own people… Read More

threat monitoring

New 2017 Threat Monitoring, Detection, and Response Report Shows Dramatic Rise in Threats

Results from the new 2017 Threat Monitoring, Detection, and Response Report indicate that companies continue to lose ground to emerging cyber threats. Over the last six months, there has been a dramatic rise in ransomware attacks and insider threat attacks that have led to data loss and reputational harm. Delta Risk partnered with the Information Security Community on LinkedIn to develop the in-depth… Read More

dec con 25 and black hat 2017

DEF CON 25 and Black Hat 2017 Roundup: What We Learned in Vegas

Delta Risk’s Stephanie Ewing-Ottmers, Senior Associate, and Constantine Pavlis, Cyber Intrusion Analyst, made return appearances to Black Hat and DEF CON last week. In their own words, here’s what they experienced at the 2017 conferences. DEF CON 25 In the words of Constantine Pavlis From jailbreaking Apple watches to hacking the cloud to exploiting wireless radio devices, DEFCON 25 had something for… Read More