insider threat detection

How to Get the Most Out of Data Loss Prevention Technology to Improve Insider Threat Detection

Yesterday, I attended our webinar, “How to Unlock the Full Potential of Insider Threat Tools,” and it got me thinking about the relationship between technology and past successes of insider threats. Rich Burke, Vice President of Public Sector, made a critical point during the webinar that failure to detect insiders isn’t exclusively a technology issue. There are plenty… Read More

today's insider threats

What History Teaches Us About Today’s Insider Threats

While insider threat attacks continue to make waves in the news, the origins of insider threats go back decades and even centuries. Insiders have emerged in religious texts, insiders have brought down empires, and insiders have stolen money and information from various organizations. There are few industries or organizations that have escaped the threat from their own people… Read More

insider threat program

10 Steps for Establishing an Effective Insider Threat Program

Insider threats continue to be a concern for organizations. New research conducted by Crowd Research Partners, in coordination with the LinkedIn Information Security Group, reveals that 74 percent of organizations feel vulnerable to insider threats, while 54 percent of security professionals say insider threats are more common overall. Part of the problem is that most organizations… Read More