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Google Advanced Protection Program Helps Prevent G Suite Account Compromise

Google recently announced some new features to help prevent G Suite account compromise and provide extra protection for sensitive accounts. These features are available via the Google Advanced Protection Program, or GAPP, which adds additional safeguards for high-risk users. Key Features One could easily argue that the most important aspect of GAPP is the requirement to use physical security keys…. Read More

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New G Suite Security Features Protect Against Rogue Apps

In today’s blog, we’ll take a look at some new G Suite security features. These features are designed to prevent threats from unauthorized or rogue applications. Most of our customers have already adopted enterprise Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications or are evaluating them. The most popular ones are office automation suites like G Suite and Office 365. These cloud-based solutions… Read More

Why It’s Time to Update Your Endpoint Security Approach

Why It’s Time to Update Your Endpoint Security Approach

When it comes to cyber threats, the endpoint is often where the action is. In today’s post, we’ll discuss why it’s time to update your endpoint security approach. We’ll also offer some recommendations for how to go about this. Why Antivirus + Perimeter Protection is No Longer Enough For the last 20-plus years, the primary… Read More

Federal Agencies Moving to the Cloud

Federal Agencies Moving to the Cloud Must Take Stock of Information Systems

Federal agencies moving to the cloud have a lot to consider, but a new guide from the Chief Information Officer (CIO) Council provides some useful advice. The Application Rationalization Playbook is designed to help IT portfolio managers at federal agencies figure out which applications can be smartly migrated to the cloud. It offers detailed advice for agencies to consider… Read More

Visualize network activity in Amazon virtual private clouds

Visualize Network Activity in Amazon Virtual Private Clouds to Spot Threats Faster

We’ve just released a new feature in our ActiveEye platform that lets you visualize network activity in Amazon virtual private clouds (VPCs). In today’s blog we’ll discuss why we developed this capability. We will also explain how you can use it to detect potential security threats faster. DevOps teams are rapidly deploying applications to cloud environments. We… Read More