Visualize network activity in Amazon virtual private clouds

Visualize Network Activity in Amazon Virtual Private Clouds to Spot Threats Faster

We’ve just released a new feature in our ActiveEye platform that lets you visualize network activity in Amazon virtual private clouds (VPCs). In today’s blog we’ll discuss why we developed this capability. We will also explain how you can use it to detect potential security threats faster. DevOps teams are rapidly deploying applications to cloud environments. We… Read More

Racecars, Satellites, and Robots: Our Take on the AWS re:Invent 2018 Conference

Every year, technologists wait for the AWS re:Invent 2018 conference in Las Vegas like a four-year-old on Christmas Eve. At this event, Amazon Web Services announces most of their major product and feature releases, and this year was no exception. At Delta Risk, we pay close attention to these releases every year for ideas on ways we… Read More

aws incident response

The Top 3 Open Source Tools for AWS Incident Response

Welcome to our third blog on incident response in the cloud. The first two posts primarily focused on the built-in capabilities from cloud service providers that can help your incident response efforts. We also discussed how to configure your Amazon Web Services (AWS) environment to take advantage of those features. Today, we are going to look at some tools that are… Read More

incident response in the cloud

Incident Response in the Cloud: 4 Ways to Improve Your Investigation and Containment Capabilities

Dealing with the aftermath of an incident in a cloud environment can be a daunting scenario given the challenges that cloud infrastructure security presents. Depending on how many systems and applications you host in various cloud environments (including through your third-party connections), a single incident can have far-reaching consequences. Moreover, without physical access to your systems, lack… Read More

moving to the cloud

9 AWS Secrets You Need to Know Before Moving to the Cloud

Cloud security is a hot topic lately, and for good reason. As more businesses have migrated to the cloud, there have been more data breaches. In our recent webinar, Flying Blind: 2017 Cloud Configurations Gone Wrong, cloud security experts John Hawley and Mike Piscopo detailed several of the worst misconfiguration disasters we’ve seen this year. Among the data breach incidents we… Read More