SOC-as-a-Service webinar

Delta Risk to Host Webinar on Detecting, Investigating, and Resolving Threats Faster with SOC-as-a-Service

How can you protect your organization from cyber security threats with today’s ever-expanding attack surface? With so many security solutions on the market that require time and expertise to evaluate, deploy, and maintain, and a scarcity of people with the skills to do so, how do you manage it all? Join Delta Risk Wednesday, March… Read More

SOC-as-a-Service image

How to Determine if SOC-as-a-Service is Right for Your Organization

In today’s blog, we’ll explain what a Security Operations Center (SOC) is, and help you determine if a SOC-as-a-Service (SOCaaS) solution is right for your organization. Just because you’re tasked with managing cyber security for your company, it doesn’t mean your company is in business to do cyber security. Unless you’re a cyber security provider, your… Read More

active eye dashboard image

Security Automation in ActiveEye 2.0 Identifies and Resolves Threats Faster

Security automation is critical to identifying threats and resolving alerts faster. It plays a starring role in the latest release of our cloud-native Security Orchestration and Automation (SOAR) platform, ActiveEye 2.0. Here are just a few highlights of all the new features: Advanced security automation processes more than 95 percent of alerts, so our security operations… Read More

Visualize network activity in Amazon virtual private clouds

Visualize Network Activity in Amazon Virtual Private Clouds to Spot Threats Faster

We’ve just released a new feature in our ActiveEye platform that lets you visualize network activity in Amazon virtual private clouds (VPCs). In today’s blog we’ll discuss why we developed this capability. We will also explain how you can use it to detect potential security threats faster. DevOps teams are rapidly deploying applications to cloud environments. We… Read More

G Suite security best practices

G Suite Security Best Practices: Proactive Steps to Stay Safe with SOC-as-a-Service

In today’s post we’ll discuss Google G Suite security best practices and some proactive steps you can take for a security tune-up. None of these recommendations are particularly hard to implement. But cloud security requires a different mindset than traditional security operations, so even savvy security teams often overlook them. We’ll also take a look… Read More

SOC-as-a-Service Overview AWS Azure security

SOC-as-a-Service Overview: Improving AWS and Azure Security [Part II]

In part two of our SOC-as-Service overview, we’ll look at how a cloud-based security operations center (SOC) can improve AWS and Azure security, and why you should consider this instead of build a SOC. As we discussed in our previous post, many organizations are turning to SOC-as-a-Service to get the cloud security expertise they need without having to… Read More