New ActiveEye Features

New ActiveEye Features Speed Threat Response, Improve Productivity

In the past few months we’ve added a number of new features to our ActiveEye security platform to help our customers and our Security Operations Center (SOC) team identify, analyze, and respond to threats faster. From isolating variances during investigations to crafting custom reports that land in your inbox each morning, these new features are… Read More

endpoint protection

Endpoint Protection: Enhancing the Carbon Black Experience with ActiveEye

We recently announced our expanded partnership with VMware Carbon Black for improved endpoint protection. Our technical integration, via our ActiveEye portal, delivers managed detection and response (MDR) capabilities that enable us to be much more responsive and go beyond basic prevention, especially when it comes to endpoint protection. In this blog, I’ll dive deeper into… Read More

Microsoft Defender ATP and ActiveEye Integration Makes it Easier to Detect Threats

Earlier this week we announced that Microsoft Defender ATP is now integrated with our cloud-native Security Orchestration and Automation (SOAR) platform, ActiveEye. In today’s blog, I wanted to share a bit more context about what this means from a practical perspective.    Adding support for Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) is part of our… Read More

2020 endpoint security report

[New Research] 2020 Endpoint Security Report Reveals Latest Trends and Challenges

The new 2020 Endpoint Security Report is here, and we’re excited to share it with you. The report includes the latest endpoint security trends and data points to help you benchmark how your own organization is doing. In addition, it has insights into why and how organizations invest in endpoint security, and the security capabilities companies are… Read More

next-gen endpoint security infographic

Delta Risk Releases New Next-Gen Endpoint Security Infographic

Did you know the estimated cost of cyber-attacks in 2019 jumped to $11.5 billion? The Delta Risk team just released a new Next-Gen Endpoint Security infographic with statistics on cyber-attacks and endpoint security. It includes details on monetary cost and increased risk for businesses. If your organization or business is concerned about endpoint security or… Read More