next-gen endpoint security infographic

Delta Risk Releases New Next-Gen Endpoint Security Infographic

Did you know the estimated cost of cyber-attacks in 2019 jumped to $11.5 billion? The Delta Risk team just released a new Next-Gen Endpoint Security infographic with statistics on cyber-attacks and endpoint security. It includes details on monetary cost and increased risk for businesses.

If your organization or business is concerned about endpoint security or just wants to stay updated on the latest news, you’ll find this blog and the accompanying infographic beneficial.

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Endpoint Security Statistics

Endpoint security is becoming an increasing concern for organizations, businesses and governments. Ransomware attacks on businesses in 2019 increased by 500 percent. Additionally, it takes on average 162 hours to detect, investigate, and contain a cyber incident.

Endpoint Security in the News

Spear phishing is just one example of endpoint security in the news. In 2019, the Manor Independent School District in Texas lost more than $2.3 million in a spear phishing scam that targeted an individual.

Make sure your organization, business or government doesn’t become the latest statistic.

Check out our next-gen endpoint security infographic now.