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Why Most Real-Time Defensive Solutions Are Poor Threat Hunting Solutions

When you enlist a hunt team to run compromise assessments, it’s important to determine which solutions and processes they’re using to actively hunt down threats. After all, compromise assessments (time-bound or more focused projects) are proactive efforts to detect persistent threats that have evaded existing security controls. You must adopt the mindset that your existing controls have already… Read More

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Threat Hunting Best Practices: Be Ready to Hunt When Cyber Criminals Strike

When the term “threat hunting” is brought up in the cyber security community, it can come across as more of a buzzwordthan a viable and important strategy for organizations to adopt. While there is plenty of discussion about what threat hunting means and why having a hunt program is important, the mindset, methods, and key steps… Read More

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[White Paper] Cyber Threat Hunting: How to Find Attackers Others Missed

As 2016 draws to a close, we predict that the term hunt will continue to be a talking point throughout the cyber security community in 2017. As we pointed out in a previous blog, Threat Hunting: More Than a Marketing Buzzword, cyber threat hunting involves any concentrated effort to discover attackers inside your network that everyone else may have missed… Read More