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Incident Response Q&A Part II: Why Incident Response Playbooks Aren’t the Answer, and Advice for New CISOs

Incident response will continue to be an important cyber security priority for many organizations in 2018. We took a moment to get some deeper insight into the incident response landscape from Delta Risk Senior Consultant Ryan Clancy. Here’s part II of our incident response discussion (you can find part I here). Dev: There have been some… Read More

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6 Essential Steps for Creating an Actionable Incident Response Plan

A few weeks ago, I spoke at the ASIS 63rd Annual International Conference about creating an actionable cyber security incident response plan that is tested and proven. Considering ASIS is more focused on physical security, I kept my recommendations focused on incident response in general. As I looked at “cyberizing” the recommendations, I discovered there isn’t much I would adjust for a physical… Read More