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Q&A: Which Cyber Security Tabletop Exercises Should Infosec Professionals Prioritize?

Infosec Training Best Practices: Where Do Cyber Exercises Fit In? As we draw closer to the end of the year, cyber security best practices and strategies are being revisited to assess incident response effectiveness. One of the practices that remains essential to test incident response plans are cyber security exercises. Whether companies run table top… Read More

2016 ISSA International Conference Recap: People Drive Cyber Security Strategy

The 2016 ISSA International Conference concluded last week in Dallas. This year’s two-day conference, themed, “Survival Strategies in a Cyber World,” featured two keynotes, a variety of breakout sessions, and compelling panel discussions from a wide range of thought leaders in the cyber security space.

cyber exercises to improve incident response

Q & A: How Can Companies Use Cyber Exercises to Improve Incident Response?

Stephanie Ewing-Ottmers (otherwise known as SEO) is a Senior Associate at Delta Risk LLC. She is a CISSP with more than 15 years of experience in information technology and information security leadership. She also led our webinar presentation in July on how security teams can use cyber exercises to assess and improve their breach readiness. In-between the… Read More

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What’s Your Cyber Incident Response Plan? Delta Risk VP Discusses Effective Methods to Handle an Attack

Delta Risk VP of Solutions Chris Evans will lead a discussion at the (ISC)²® Alamo Chapter meeting on how organizations can leverage cyber exercises to handle cyber incidents as they unfold. Evans will guide meeting participants through the different stages of cyber exercises and the 10 most common pain points that are associated with incident… Read More

Can You Handle a Data Breach? Delta Risk Webinar Will Explore How Cyber Exercises Can Test Your Readiness Plan

Hardly a day passes without news of another major data breach or cyber-attack. Yesterday, it was reported that a database with 154 million U.S. voter registration records was found online with “a dizzying array of intimate details, including gun ownership, Facebook profiles, addresses, age, position on gay marriage, ethnicity, email addresses and whether a voter is ‘pro-life.’”… Read More