cyber insurance

Cyber Insurance Policies: Are You Asking the Right Questions?

According to the 2018 Hiscox Cyber Readiness Report released in February, 58 percent of U.S. firms with more than 250 employees have cyber insurance but only 21 percent with fewer than 250 are covered. What’s even more interesting is that more than half of U.S. small businesses have no intention of investing in cyber insurance. The lack… Read More

bank data breaches

The Impact of Bank Data Breaches on Customer Loyalty and Retention

There’s no doubt that bank data breaches cost businesses money, but there are costs associated with breaches that add up beyond a round dollar figure. Most studies that calculate the costs from breaches focus on short-term quantifiable costs such as discovering and mitigating the breach and recovering assets. But the long-term, indirect breach costs — costs such as hits to… Read More

data breach examples

Lessons Learned from Real-World Data Breach Examples

We recently spent some time with a client who is at the tail end of response and recovery from a data breach. Although the past few months have taken their toll on the security team, there is finally a light at the end of the tunnel. However, that light is going to dim quickly as… Read More