[Infographic] Simple Steps to Online Safety: 31 Days of Cyber Security Tips

October is right around the corner, and that means National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) is practically here too! We are excited to be a 2017 champion. Throughout NCSAM, we will post blogs that address weekly themes to further educate and spread awareness around important cyber security topics. The week one NCSAM theme focuses on “Simple Steps to… Read More

cyber security incident response times

The Need for SPEED: How to Improve Your Cyber Security Incident Response Times

Today’s blog is written by our guest author, Bob Carver. He is a CISM, CISSP, and M.S. who specializes in topics about information security, privacy, and cloud security.  If you look at a range of recent security industry reports, you’ll see varying times quoted for how long it takes criminals and bad actors to exploit your… Read More

diy cyber security skills

5 DIY Cyber Security Skills Every IT Professional Needs to Master

Introducing the Cyber Handyman If you’re a homeowner like me, hopefully you have a few basic around-the-house skills – changing a light bulb, fixing a loose door handle, unclogging a shower drain, making sure the deadbolts lock properly. I run into a new issue every week it seems. If you’re fortunate, there’s at least one… Read More

social engineers

Simple Workplace Mistakes You Make That Help Social Engineers

It’s no secret that people are often the weakest link in the cyber security chain. More than 50 percent of security breaches are due to human error. But is it as simple as pointing to gross carelessness or negligence for these mistakes? Oftentimes basic human nature can be exploited by social engineers who are skilled and opportunistic…. Read More