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Our Best Cyber Security Blogs of 2019

The team at Delta Risk published many cyber security-related blogs throughout 2019. We’ve blogged about topics such as ransomware, cloud security, next-gen endpoint security, cyber security awareness, and much more.

In case you missed any of these when they were published, here’s a roundup of our best cyber security blogs of 2019.

Security Automation in ActiveEye 2.0 Identifies and Resolves Threats Faster

Security automation is critical to identifying threats and resolving alerts faster. It plays a starring role in the latest release of our cloud-native Security Orchestration and Automation (SOAR) platform, ActiveEye 2.0. Endpoints, network security information and event management (SIEM), cloud applications, and cloud infrastructure generate thousands of alerts daily.

Third-Party Assessments: What to Expect and Why They Can Benefit You

In this blog, we share an overview of third-party assessments for cyber security. We cover why they’re beneficial and what to expect. Lauren Bellero spoke to Sean Falconi, a managing consultant with Delta Risk in risk management and compliance, to get his thoughts on this topic. Sean has performed many third-party assessments covering a wide range of industries.

How Regular Cyber Security Assessments and Audits Help Your Organization

Understanding your weaknesses through regular cyber security audits and assessments is critical. Without them, it’s difficult to withstand cyber attacks and protect your organization. As the wise Japanese author Shusaku Endo noted, “Every weakness contains within itself a strength.” Knowing your weaknesses helps you focus on what you need to do to improve your cyber security posture.

Lessons from Cyber Attacks on Local Governments—Are You Protected?

More and more city and state governments are feeling the heat from ransomware attacks. In August 2019, 22 municipalities in Texas experienced this type of cyber attack and Baltimore was also hit by a ransomware attack in May that crippled the city’s computers. Cyber attacks on local governments aren’t slowing down, either. In this blog, we’ll cover lessons you can learn and how to tell if your local government is properly protected.

Office 365 Security Features Demystified

Microsoft has numerous Office 365 security features built in to help you monitor activity, protect data, identify threats, and manage identity, access, and privileges. But getting the most out of those tools can be difficult, particularly for mid-sized organizations. Integrating them with data from other sources in your network and cloud is even more challenging.


Thanks for reading our best cyber security blogs of 2019. We’ve also blogged about plenty of other cyber security-related topics, too. Be sure to check back in 2020 for more content.