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Vendor Assessment Services

Establish Vendor Trust and Reliability

Assessing Third-Party Vendor Security Programs

In today’s challenging business environment, many organizations have chosen to outsource various non-core business functions to specialized third-party vendors. This often involves granting access to sensitive business and customer information to those vendors.

While third-party outsourcing may make perfectly good business sense, it can also introduce new risks. A structured Vendor Security Assessment can ensure these risks are properly managed. For many organizations, vendor security reviews are also a regulatory or industry-standard compliance requirement.

Using a qualified cyber security consulting firm like Delta Risk, you can determine if your business partners deserve your trust. Armed with the information from a Vendor Security Assessment, you can develop a plan of action for your partners to maintain and strengthen current environments and minimize security control weaknesses.

What Type of Vendors Should You Assess? 

  • New vendors or new service providers
  • Critical vendors, regardless of type
  • Law firms
  • Financial services
  • Technology services
  • Data providers, holders, or aggregators
  • Mobile and web application development firms
  • Data centers 

Is a Vendor Security Assessment Right for You?

  • You need to minimize threats to your data and information
  • You need assurance your vendors’ security controls will protect your information
  • You aren’t sure how your vendors interact with your network environment
  • You are working with a new and/or critical vendor
  • Your vendor has been in business less than three years

Delta Risk Vendor Assessment Services Feature:


  • Critical Vendors
  • Vendors Handling Critical and/or Confidential Data
  • New Contracts/Vendors
  • Vendors Who Have Had a Previous Breach



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