managed detection and response

Managed Detection and Response: Hype or Hope?

Managed detection and response (MDR) has received a lot of attention lately. However, is it just marketing hype, or does it offer security professionals and buyers new hope? The field of cyber security is often known as the land of a thousand buzzwords, many of them overused. Machine Learning and Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) are just a few that… Read More

threat hunting and compromise assessments

Q&A: Common Misconceptions About Threat Hunting and Compromise Assessments

In advance of our upcoming webinar on “Threat Hunting Versus Compromise Assessments: What’s the Difference?” Dev Panchwagh spoke with the presenters, Delta Risk’s Andrew Cook and Infocyte Founder and Chief Product Officer Chris Gerritz. In Part I of this two-part blog series, the team discusses some of the common misconceptions around threat hunting and compromise assessments. Join our webinar on April… Read More