cyber hygiene tips

Top 10 Cyber Hygiene Tips for Healthcare IT and Security Professionals

In the hospital setting, there is no tolerance for poor hygiene. Frequently washing your hands and using hand sanitizer can drastically decrease the chances of contamination, the spread of disease, and infection rates. It’s just as important to commit to cyber hygiene to slow down attackers who are looking to infect your mission-critical systems. In… Read More

healthcare security experts

Healthcare Security Experts Recommend Key Steps IT Leaders Can Take to Protect PHI, Business Continuity

Last week, we hosted a webinar to discuss the challenges healthcare operators face when responding to cyber security incidents. Our presenters, Michael McKinley, Vice President and General Manager at Delta Risk, Chris Holda, Senior Healthcare IT Consultant, Huntzinger Management Group, and Ed Kopetsky, Chief Information Officer at Stanford Children’s Health and Advisor with Next Wave Health Advisors, provided… Read More

data breach response plan

7 Steps for Building a Successful Data Breach Response Plan

FTC Releases Data Breach Response Standards New guidance released by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), Data Breach Response: A Guide for Business, outlines basic considerations and procedures for businesses to engage when responding to a data breach. The FTC data breach response guide offers these valuable tips for responding to a breach: Secure operations to prevent further… Read More