Could Test Data Be a Liability Under the New GDPR Framework? [Guest Blog]

The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is a recently ratified legal framework that introduces wide-ranging reforms of the use of personal data about EU citizens. Finalized on April 14, the reforms aim to give individuals control over use of their personal data. The GDPR supersedes the International Safe Harbor laws that most companies in the US have been operating… Read More

cyber incident response plan

What’s Your Cyber Incident Response Plan? Delta Risk VP Discusses Effective Methods to Handle an Attack

Delta Risk VP of Solutions Chris Evans will lead a discussion at the (ISC)²® Alamo Chapter meeting on how organizations can leverage cyber exercises to handle cyber incidents as they unfold. Evans will guide meeting participants through the different stages of cyber exercises and the 10 most common pain points that are associated with incident… Read More

Can You Handle a Data Breach? Delta Risk Webinar Will Explore How Cyber Exercises Can Test Your Readiness Plan

Hardly a day passes without news of another major data breach or cyber-attack. Yesterday, it was reported that a database with 154 million U.S. voter registration records was found online with “a dizzying array of intimate details, including gun ownership, Facebook profiles, addresses, age, position on gay marriage, ethnicity, email addresses and whether a voter is ‘pro-life.’”… Read More

Defining Cyber Due Diligence For Law Firms

What is cyber due diligence? It’s a phrase that is often associated with mergers and acquisitions (M&A), in particular when it comes to the risk assessment of an organization. Cyber due diligence is a necessary practice to determine the risk level of a company’s data security before an investment is made. It’s becoming just as critical… Read More

Delta Risk and Chertoff Group Speakers Conduct Data Security, Command and Control Sessions At Enfuse™ 2016

Delta Risk Associate Jim Mitchell and The Chertoff Group Principal Adam Isles presented two strategic cyber sessions at Enfuse 2016. Mitchell co-presented a seminar with Stephen Windsor (President and Founder of Maddrix) on the subject of Malicious Command & Control Systems. Isles joined a panel of legal experts to present on the topic of Why Time Is Not… Read More

Delta Risk Speakers Lead ISC2, BSides, GTRA CIO Summit Panels

It was a busy week for Delta Risk LLC staff. Our team members were in San Antonio, Washington, DC, and Virginia to join distinguished panels at ISC2 CyberSecureGov 2016, BSides SATX, and GTRA CIO Council Summit. Here’s a quick look at some of the highlights from these events. ISC2 CyberSecureGov 2016 The central theme of ISC2… Read More