Technical Security Assessments

Proactively identify and address security gaps to meet customer, regulator, and auditor expectations quickly and cost-effectively

As anyone who is responsible for information security knows, regulators, auditors, and customers often insist on periodic third-party information security assessments regarding your security posture. Delta Risk can deliver the reviews and solutions necessary to meet these requirements while giving you the ability to uncover and address problem areas proactively—before they turn up in an audit report, or much worse, before they lead to a breach.

Our expert consultants leverage deep technical knowledge, experience, and, where appropriate, state-of-the-art technologies, to identify the security gaps in your environment. Just as importantly, they can provide expert remediation guidance.

Delta Risk’s technical assessments and testing capabilities include:

Application Security Assessments

Social Engineering and Phishing

Vulnerability Assessments and Scans

 Stay a Step Ahead of the Curve – or Respond to the Unexpected

Are you completely confident that your IT operating environment is secure and that you are complying with current regulations and/or industry standards? Are you certain that you have safeguarded your core, revenue-generating applications and other business-enabling applications from security threats?  Do you know if your employees’ awareness of cyber security threats and adherence to the policies you’ve put in place are sufficient to protect your enterprise?  And, if a client, business partner, or auditor asked for evidence of that security, would you be able to quickly and efficiently provide it?

Just as information technology is complex and ever-changing, so too is information security. Before you hire your next in-house IT security expert or deploy yet another software solution, consider whether it makes more sense to spend the same amount or spend less to get flexible access to a blend of uniquely skilled, experienced security practitioners. Delta Risk offers a broad range of specialized technical capabilities and state-of-the-art tools to address your needs in evaluating and improving the security posture of your IT environment and facilities, usually at a total cost that can’t be matched in-house.