Graphic showing cyber security readiness.

[New Research] 2019 Cloud Security Report Reveals Top Challenges

The new 2019 Cloud Security Report is here, and we’re excited to share it with you. The report includes the latest cloud security trends and data points to help you benchmark how your own organization is doing. It also has insights into cloud security threats, organizational investment priorities, and solutions.

Delta Risk partnered with our colleagues at Cybersecurity Insiders to produce the report. The results are based on real-time feedback from IT security professionals in the 400,000-member Information Security Community. “The 2019 Cloud Security Report highlights what is and what is not working for security operations teams in securing their cloud data, systems, and services in this shared responsibility model,” noted Holger Schulze, CEO and Founder of Cybersecurity Insiders.

Among the findings:

  • The top cloud security concern of cyber security professionals is data loss and leakage (64 percent).
  • Unauthorized access through misuse of employee credentials and improper access controls (42 percent) takes the number one spot in this year’s survey as the single biggest perceived vulnerability to cloud security, tied with insecure interfaces and APIs (42 percent). This is followed by cloud misconfigurations (40 percent).
  • Most respondents (54 percent) say cloud environments are at higher risk of security breaches than traditional on-premises environments – a 5 percent increase from last year.

Not surprisingly, the results highlight that companies must assess their security posture and strategies on a regular basis. They also need to address the shortcomings of legacy security tools with new solutions that are specifically designed to protect their cloud environments.

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