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New Delta Risk Guidebook Provides Resource Center for CISOs

Did you know Delta Risk has a new resource center for Chief Information Security Officers (CISO)s? Our team has been hard at work on a CISO Guidebook, with resources for CISOs, Chief Information Officers (CIO)s, and other information security professionals. If you’re in one of those roles or aspiring to be, you’ll find this blog and the resource center for CISOs beneficial.

As the CISO of an organization or business, you and your team are likely concerned about data breaches, talent shortages, and other related issues. It can be difficult to figure out your priorities, especially with a threat landscape that’s constantly changing.

Resource Center for CISOs: Where to Start

We have content and resources on topics such as how to start your CISO job on solid ground, 10 tips for choosing an MSSPcyber security insurance, and how to spot and avoid a business email compromise attack.

We also provide guidance on endpoint security and how to survive a data breach.


In conclusion, we have information that can help you prioritize and succeed in your role as a CISO or CIO and benefit your business or organization, too.

So, are you ready to be the best CISO you can be for your organization or business?

Delta Risk has the experience you need to help optimize your security program. Contact us here.