Delta Risk Hosts Webinar on Preparing for Public Sector Ransomware Attacks in 2020

How can you go about preparing for public sector ransomware attacks in 2020, especially if you’re a state or local government?

Join Delta Risk for our on-demand webinar “Public Sector Ransomware Attacks: Are You Prepared?” to find out. The webinar features two of our experts, Director of Public Sector Policy and Governance Keith Melancon, CISSP, and Vice President of Public Sector Operations Rich Burke.

Public Sector Ransomware Attacks in 2020

In the webinar, we examine ransomware attacks on state and local governments in 2019 and dig into what you can learn from them. We also talk about what to look for in solutions and tools that can help you prevent and respond to these attacks.

You’ll learn:

  • Key takeaways from major ransomware attacks on state and local governments in 2019
  • How to prevent and respond to ransomware attacks on state and local governments
  • Why having a plan in place is crucial to limiting damage in the event of an attack
  • Should you ever pay the ransom? Does anyone ever do this?
  • Is cyber insurance worth it?


Learn everything you need to know about how to combat ransomware attacks in 2020 and how Delta Risk can help.

Access the on-demand webinar here.