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Delta Risk CEO Scott Kaine Featured on “Insights & Intelligence” Cloud Security Podcast

Delta Risk CEO Scott Kaine was featured in a cloud security podcast last week as part of The Chertoff Group’s new “Insights & Intelligence” series. In the podcast, Kaine talks about how companies can safely move to the cloud, and key considerations for cloud security. The weekly podcast covers discussing cyber security, technology, security issues, and policy with host Katy Montgomery and guest thought leaders.

In the podcast featuring Kaine, he emphasizes that the fundamentals of cloud security are essentially the same as on-site security, but some rules need to be modified and adjusted to fit these new platforms as companies migrate their resources. “Governance and policy structures used internally just need to be changed a little to adapt to the playing field out in the cloud,” Kaine says.

Three key areas of focus that companies should look at when assessing the current state of their security are identifying critical assets, assessing risk, and knowing who has access to company resources, he notes.

Small to mid-sized firms are “heavily leveraging” the cloud right now because it’s easy, more cost-effective, and faster to get set up and running, Kaine says, adding that most organizations will end up with hybrid setup, a mix of both on-site security and the cloud.

Another benefit to cloud security is standardization, although companies need to make sure the framework is configured and monitored correctly. Even though cloud environments come with some built in security, it’s the company’s job to provide most of the security to prevent a data breach or other security events, Kaine says, stressing that cost dynamics are key. He points out that the more expensive it is for cyber criminals to wreak havoc – that is, how difficult you can make it for them to get into your cloud applications and platforms – the more likely you’re going reduce risk. One way to do that is through automation, he says.

In this cloud security podcast, Kaine also shares what security trends he has his eye on for next year. Tune in now to hear the complete podcast.

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