Creating Connections at the 3rd Annual Women in Cyber Security Reception

The CyberWire and the Cybersecurity Association of Maryland Inc. (CAMI) hosted their annual Women in Cyber Security reception on September 27 to celebrate and bring awareness to the success of women in the cyber security industry. Not only does this gathering promote networking opportunities for women from diverse professional and academic backgrounds, it’s also a great forum for attendees to learn from one another and share their experiences.

This year, Delta Risk was a Silver Sponsor for the event, and was represented by Gaby Rosen, Senior Analyst, and Leah Schmid, VP of HR and Administration.

Gaby and Leah at the 3rd Annual Women in Cyber Security Reception
Leah Schmid and Gaby Rosen

Here are some memorable highlights from the evening.

In the words of Gaby Rosen

Being in a room full of intelligent, career-driven women who work in a male-dominated field was not only inspiring but the spotlight issue of the evening. The theme of the event, “Creating connections,” was developed by both host organizations to empower women to succeed in cyber security.

As a communications specialist for Delta Risk, I enjoyed hearing the wide range of cyber security stories of women who hold different roles at various companies. These diverse backgrounds included think tanks, banks, and mentorship programs. Meeting women who represent mentorship programs was especially meaningful because these programs are designed to get more young girls involved in cyber security at a young age.

Theme of The Night

A common theme that stood all evening was that women in cyber security need to stick together to blaze a trail and inspire others to join the field. To bridge the wide gender gap that currently exists between men and women, we have the chance to remove those initial barriers and make it easier for the next generation of women looking to advance their careers. As we discussed in our blog back in April, lack of gender diversity is not just an issue in the US—only 10 percent of the global information security workforce are women.

Lasting Impressions

Among the women who spoke at the event were Jennifer Eiben from The CyberWire and Kathleen Smith from ClearedJobs.Net. Both women echoed the importance of forming strong connections and establishing individual value to achieve success.

One of the best moments of the night came when a local artist from Baltimore presented a painting she had created to commemorate the occasion. Lindsay McCulloch, a professional artist and teacher, crafted this work of art by digitizing and manipulating photographs.

Every woman who came to the Women in Cyber Security Reception got a special treat—a printed copy of Lindsay’s painting. This painting will serve as a reminder of all the strong and successful women who came together to make this event so memorable.

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