Effective Planning and Preparation Can Reduce Impact of 2018 Cyber Security Attacks, Data Breaches

January 30, 2018


Delta Risk to Host Webinar on February 15 on How to Build an Effective Incident Response Plan

SAN ANTONIO, TX — January 30, 2018 — The new year is the perfect time to review and update preparedness plans for business continuity and information security risks. Delta Risk, a global provider of cyber security and risk management services, announced today that it will host a webinar on February 15 at 1 PM ET on how to build an effective plan to address data breaches and cyber attacks. Solutions Expert Stephanie Ewing and Senior Consultant Ryan Clancy will lead a presentation on “Data Breach Survival Tactics: Building Actionable Incident Response Plans.”

In the live webinar, Ewing and Clancy will share their experiences from recent consulting engagements. They will offer advice on how to contain the impact of a breach, resolve an incident, and get back to business as fast as possible. Attendees will learn:

  • Proper taxonomy for writing an incident response plan
  • Recommendations for developing and building in cyber exercises
  • How to use a knowledge management system to keep plans agile
  • How to avoid scope creep and identify likely scenarios to test

According to a new survey by the Ponemon Institute, “What CISOs Worry About in 2018,” more than two-thirds of CISOs believe they’ll face a cyber security attack this year. 

“It’s an oft-repeated saying in the security world, but it still holds true that it isn’t a question of if you’ll experience an incident, but when,” notes Clancy. “And when you’re dealing with a cyber attack or data breach, you’ll be much better off with a well-prepared staff and a battle-tested plan.”

“A mature incident response plan keeps everyone on the same page,” adds Ewing. “Having a documented, tested process brings order to chaotic situations and keeps everyone focused on solving the most pressing issues.”

About the Speakers
Stephanie Ewing is a Solutions Expert with Delta Risk. She has 17 years of experience in information technology and information security leadership. Prior to joining Delta Risk, she spent several years working with leaders of critical infrastructure organizations across the nation to improve their security programs. Through workshops, training classes, and tabletop exercises, Stephanie has worked to educate executive-level leadership and elected officials on security threats and risk management strategies.   

Ryan Clancy is a Senior Consultant with Delta Risk. He has more than 15 years of experience in the information technology and cyber security domain providing consulting services, hunt operations, threat intelligence, cyber exercises, enterprise defense assessments, and training in defensive and offensive network security operations. His areas of expertise include network security architecture, incident response, and programming.

About Delta Risk  
Delta Risk LLC, a Chertoff Group company, provides customized and flexible cyber security and risk management services to government and private sector clients worldwide. Founded in 2007, we are a U.S.-based firm offering a wide range of advisory services as well as managed security services. Our roots are based in military expertise, and that background continues to drive our mission focus. We are passionate about keeping our clients safe and secure.

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