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Reduce Your Risk Through Training

Cyber security professionals are always trying to stay one step ahead of their cyber security adversaries. Training plays a critical role in this ongoing battle. However, trained cyber security personnel are in short supply, and even those who are trained need to learn new skills to help keep their organizations protected against tomorrow’s threats. At the same time, employees and executives also require cyber security eduction. Delta Risk ActiveInsight Training provides skill sustainment and capability development through performance-focused content and long-term training partnerships.

What You Get With Our Cyber Security Training

ROI-Based Training

Focus on areas that provide the best risk-based ROI. Reduce organizational risk through training in organization-specific high-impact areas.

All Skill Levels

Train using the most comprehensive and appropriate methods for each skill level.

Ease of Access

Delta Risk focuses on ease of use and simplicity in training. Focus on learning the skills, not fighting with technology.

Training Cycle

Training is not fire-and-forget; there is a continuous cycle – both for developers and students – that ensures its effectiveness.


Current Trends and Technology

Customer Requirements and Goals

Most Effective Delivery Methods


Training Objectives

Course Structure

Assessment Plan


Training Content

Labs and Exercises

Additional Resources








Student Performance

Training Currency


Our Training Courses

Cyber Hygiene

The most cost-effective way to reduce cyber security risk is to educate you staff.
Audience: All staff
Length: 1 hour

C-Suite Cyber Security

Leadership needs the right knowledge and resources to make sound decisions regarding cyber security.
Audience: C-Suite and Senior Management
Length: 1 hour

Risk Management Essentials

Cyber security is really about managing risk. Learn the critical components to get you started on the right path from the beginning.
Audience: C-Suite, cyber security managers, compliance managers
Length: 4 hours

Insider Threat Awareness

Insider threat is a growing risk that requires attention to prevent and detect. Learn about insider threat indicators and countermeasures, and how to effectively raise attention to suspicious behavior. This course exceeds the criteria for members of the Defense Industrial Base (NISPOM Change2) and Federal Government mandates for insider threat training.
Audience: All staff (no previous technical expertise required)
Length: 1 hour

Customized Training Courses

Is your organization growing? Need a tailored course for a specific need? What is the plan to train the staff to meet growing cyber security needs? We design tailored plans based on current courses and customize our training to help you meet growing cyber security requirements. We build everything from seminars to hands-on lab environments.