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How to Overcome Cloud Misconfigurations

Organizations of all sizes find it challenging to implement security controls across their various cloud environments. In this white paper, we discuss configuration risk factors for cloud infrastructure, SaaS, and DevOps, and how to identify and prioritize them.

Stay Informed on Cyber Security Managed Services


10 Tips for Selecting an MSSP

In “Top 10 Tips for Selecting an MSSP,” we provide important steps to make the selection process less daunting. Our list of best practices will help you pinpoint the considerations you need to make before making a final decision.

Data Sheet

ActiveEye Managed Security Services Data Sheet

Business is increasingly being conducted on platforms like mobile devices and cloud services, making it difficult for traditional IT and security to keep up. With the frequency and severity of attacks increasing, your organization needs the people, technology, and proven methods to swiftly recognize and respond to the oncoming rush of threats.


What Defines a Modern SOC-as-a-Service Solution?

The first of a two-part series, we’ll discuss what defines a modern SOC-as-a-Service solution, also known as outsourced or co-managed security operations center (SOC). 


ActiveEye Managed Security Platform Overview

Watch this short demo to learn more about ActiveEye, our modern, cloud-native platform. ActiveEye gives you a transparent view into all security operations center (SOC) activities.