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Office 365 Security with ActiveEye

Strengthen your Microsoft Office 365 security with simple, actionable security insights and 24×7 monitoring from Delta Risk.

Office 365 Security Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated


Figuring out the best options for Microsoft Office 365 security can be complex, but it doesn’t have to be. ActiveEye from Delta Risk gives you the visibility you need. It offers easy-to-understand, actionable insights and 24×7 monitoring from our team of experts.

Office 365 is often the first step many organizations take to move sensitive business activities to the cloud. The benefits are clear. Shifting business applications, corporate data, and document collaboration to the cloud makes both business users and IT teams more efficient. It also reduces on-premise infrastructure costs.

But these business benefits come at the cost of added security complexity. Is your organization ready for this fundamental shift? Or are the myriad of Office 365 security features and settings overwhelming your already over-taxed security team?

Organizations that move to Office 365 often find that their existing security investments are optimized for an on-premise IT model. This rarely translates to cloud infrastructure, though. Successful Office 365 adoption often opens the door to additional cloud services, each with unique and unfamiliar security requirements. This compounds the challenges.


Office 365: A Growing Security Challenge

Office 365 adoption is growing rapidly at organizations of all sizes. The number of monthly active commercial users grew from 60 million in 2015 to over 155 million in late 2018. Several million more are added each month. In short, Office 365 has advanced well past the early adopter phase. It is now the de facto standard for deploying Microsoft productivity applications and related services.Source: Petri IT Knowledgebase

Integrate with Office 365 Security Features

Office 365, and related services like Azure Security Center for Azure Active Directory, offer many integrated security features. There are so many, in fact, that security teams often struggle to understand what is available. They can also find it challenging to apply it to their environment effectively for data loss prevention and identity management.

ActiveEye makes it easier by interfacing directly with Microsoft’s native security capabilities through APIs. ActiveEye collects and analyzes detailed security event information, identifying the events and threats that truly matter. Security teams can see them in an easy-to-use web console.

ActiveEye gives you the insights and tools you need to proactively manage Office 365 security and compliance and protect sensitive data. It combines the latest machine learning technologies with expert, 24×7 human analysis.

Monitor Office 365 Account Security

One of the biggest threats that Office 365 deployments face is hijacking and abuse of user accounts. Phishing attacks remain a persistent threat, and their sophistication is continuously evolving. Compromised user accounts can lead to leakage of sensitive business information or abuse of business processes.

Another concern is business email compromise (BEC). For example, there have been numerous cases of attackers who have compromised accounts of company executives. They have then used these accounts to execute fraudulent transactions, with costly and embarrassing results.

Compromised email accounts are also a common jumping off point for attacks against an organization’s broader IT infrastructure. Email often plays a role in password reset and privilege escalation processes. It should never be overlooked in your data security program. Even with multi-factor authentication in place, attackers often find a way to get into accounts.

ActiveEye monitors Office 365 user account security events on a real-time basis, detecting possible account attacks and abuse. We apply both automated and human analysis to assess the impact and initiate an appropriate response for advanced threat protection.


Detect Office 365 Usage Anomalies

There is a tremendous volume of daily Office 365 usage activity in a typical organization. This makes it impossible for security teams to see everything. Meanwhile, attackers are extremely adept at blending malicious behavior with legitimate Office 365 cloud app use to get access to data.

That’s why it’s important to separate actionable security events from the noise of everyday infrastructure usage. Without this, security teams will always find themselves reacting to incidents instead of preventing them.

ActiveEye’s behavioral profiling technology monitors your organization’s Office 365 usage in real time. It identifies changes in user behavior so you can investigate and respond to potential problems quickly. For example, atypical administrative commands and excessive file actions can trigger alerts. The result? A proactive Office 365 security model that better protects your organization against external and insider threats.

Office 365 Compliance Readiness

Many organizations adopting Office 365 also face the challenge of ensuring ongoing regulatory compliance. They must do this while relying on IT infrastructure they don’t directly control. Office 365 is designed to accommodate a wide range of compliance needs. However, each organization is responsible for making sure the platform is being used in a compliant manner while protecting customer data.

ActiveEye’s monitoring and reporting capabilities help address this challenge. It offers regular compliance reports that map to both specific organizational or industry compliance requirements. Reports can also be mapped to general-purpose frameworks like the Center for Internet Security (CIS) benchmarks.

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The ActiveEye Advantage

Complete visibility: multi-cloud and on-premises

Expert 24×7 security operations backed by automated analytics and triage

Simple, cost-effective, and fast to deploy

Unify Your Cloud Security Approach

Once organizations make the first leap to the cloud, they may soon face an expanding array of options. They often find that software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications and infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) platforms multiply quickly.

Leading providers such as Microsoft cloud generally have sound in-house security practices. They offer a variety of integrated security features as part of their platforms for data protection. But organizations using multiple cloud providers soon find that platform-specific security capabilities don’t easily fit into a holistic strategy.

ActiveEye offers a unified model for implementing security across multiple cloud providers, bring both simplicity and greater security effectiveness.

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